Tuesday, December 06, 2016

All Wrapped Up.

So I asked Norm this morning if he had seen the Pesky Elves and if so what were they doing.

Back came the reply.

"Yes I have. They asked me if I knew where you kept the cling film as they wanted to do some wrapping up"

 Silly question I know but  I had to ask it. "Do you know where they are now then ?"

" No not exactly but they  did go upstairs."

They were both scrubbed up and sent off to bed with no tea!
I now have a traumatised cat, two traumatized mice and hubby needing to spend a penny and it's only day 6!!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Banging and Bashing

There was a lot of banging and bashing noises coming from the kitchen this morning so I hot footed it in there  to see what was going on.
This is what I found  on my nice clean work surface. Those 2 pesky elves !!

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Back came the reply.

"Well we fancy having scrambled egg this morning  for our breakfast and the recipe says to
Beat Two Eggs Together."


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Miss heard !

So my question this morning was "Has anyone seen those pesky  Elves today?"

The Doc yelled back from the kitchen .
"Yes. There in the lounge playing a game of  rolling the Mice."

"Ok". I said  "but don't you mean rolling the Dice?




So now I have 1 traumatised cat and 2 traumatised mice and it's only day 4!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 03, 2016

Be careful how you say it!

So the conversation started this morning with me saying

"I'm rather busy at the moment so can someone let the cat out A.S.A.P. please.
She''s waiting by the back door!!!!"


Exit one traumatized cat.

Disclaimer. No real cats were harmed in the making of this post. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Chocolate Yum!!

So the conversation started this morning with me asking Elf Boss if he had seen little L'th anywhere.
NO came the reply but he did say he had found some choclick.

Oh ! OK.

Hang on a mo. We havn't got any cholik just The Doc's Advent Cal-------------.

Little L'th you haven't?

Well  that just serves you right if you do have tummy ache!!!!!

Now who is going to tell The Doc cos I'm not.


Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Midnight Hour

What a shenanigans there was last night. I tell you I needed to go and lie down in a very dark room afterwards! But I disgress. Let me back track to 11.50pm. Everywhere was quiet. The house had been on lock down since early evening against any invasions of the Elf type.
The Doc had his checklist and we were going through it for the umpteenth time.
Side garden gate bolted and padlocked. Key in The Docs pocket. ✔
Front door locked and dead bolt on.✔
Back door locked. Key on peg away from window. ✔
Cat flap securely shut and locked.✔
Cat indoors.✔
Windows securely bolted.✔
Wire cage firmly attached to chimneystack.✔

Drinks poured and ready to sit down and relax✔

Then The Doc piped up with  " I think the cat  needs to go out"
Me "Well tell her to use her toilet tray. I'm not opening the door up now !!"

Having sorted the cat out, just sat down again with said drink in hand when I heard a rustling noise.
"Did you hear that ?" I asked The Doc.
" Relax" he said, "I think it was the letterbox . Probably just one of the neighbours posting us an early christmas card".

"At this time of night?" I said..

Then a rather familiar voice called out
Cooeeeeee.  Anyone around?

Wev'e arrived!!!

Me ."What do you mean We?!!!!!!"

What's in that sack Elf Boss ? 

Eek!!  " Who are you?"

" I'm  L'th. 
I've come with Elf Boss. He is going to teach me the ropes".

By this time I had a distinct headache coming on and before anyone says 'Oh isn't he cute' NO  he isn't'.  Just wait till I tell you what he got up to this morning.!!!

I need to cancel christmas forthwith.

Stay tuned during the month till the 24th Dec for daily shenanigans from the dynamic duo 
Elf Boss and Little L'th.


Christmas Hangings

I'm pleased to say that I'm on a 3 month  Design Team assignment over at the following challenge blog.
This Months challenge is to create something with Christmas in mind and to use stamping somewhere on your project.  You know me,I love to delve into the waste paper basket and see what I can retrieve and repurpose. I found these empty spools one from sellotape and the other from ds tape. I get through mountains of the stuff and it seems a shame not to incorporate them into a new life.

Here is what I made with them. Firstly I covered both of the reels inside and out with sparkly washi tape one silver, one blue. I neated up round the edges using silver sparkly thread and blue/white bakers twine. Then came the fun bit creating a little scene to go inside each one. 

On the first one I masked off the moon and then  used duster  brushes and ink pads to create a night time theme. The stamp is by Inkylicious called 'Winter Cabin'.  The stars are small silver stickers and Iv'e decorated the tree, house, snow and moon with  silver stickles. I used a white gelly roll pen to accent the snow . I fussy cut round the image to fit the back of the roll and attached using glue which dries clear. Then I cut acetate (well you didn't think I'd forget to use it did you!) to fit the front and trimmed with some more of the silver thread. Made a bow and a hanging thread so it can hang on the tree. Finally added a sentiment  using a Britannia die cut form sparkly cardstock.

Entering into the following challenges only with this house scene:
Crafty Card Makers #178 Anything but a card.
Cuttlebug Mania # Shine (used Big Shot and Britannia word diecuts).
Creative Inspirations #263 Christmas creations
Penny's Paper Crafty #306 Anything goes.
Craft Rocket Challenges #29 Winter time.
Altered Electics #Anything goes.
Rhedd's Creative Spirit#  Anything goes altered art.

 I created a snowy scene for the inside of the second roll, again using ink duster and blue ink pad plus a torn sheet of paer to create the snow dunes. The penguins are by Card-io and I inked them up first and then masked off before doing the background. Applied some silver stars (not sure if you see stars at the pole, you certainly do in Iceland and that's near enough!) I finished it off the same as the first one using the blue/white bakers twine and  blue sparkly cardstock for the sentiment.

Entering into the following challenges only with this penguin scene.:

Die Cuttin Divas #294 Make it sparkle.
Little Red Waggon #370 Chilly friends.
Fab 'n' Funky #329 Christmas.
Create and Inspire #57 Anything goes.
Crafting  By Designs # Anything goes.
Sweet Stampin # Got the blues.
Glitter 'n' Sparkle #216 Blue and white.
Electic Ellapu # Anything christmas with the pink team.

Here they are together.

I used a freebie magazine design paper from Making Cards April 2016 called 'Starry Nights' to decorate thee back of the hangings and more Britannia word die cuts.
I had such fun making these and thankyou to Dori for inviting me to design for her. 

I should have posted this earlier but the shenanigans that went on last night meant I left the post in draft mode and went to lie down in a very dark place!!!!!!  
To see what happened please call back later on in the next post.